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Although no one in my family suffers from a gluten allergy, I know how important it is for those that have allergies to find good tasting food. Today I want to share about a new allergen free bread company whose products are made in the US – BFree Foods. BFree Foods makes bread products that are free from allergens but that also taste like conventional breads and are actually good for you.

BFree Gluten Free Bread Products

The major problem with making bread products without gluten and wheat is that they tend to crumble mid-meal. BFree Foods breads don’t crumble like other similar products on the market. Their products have a list of impressive ingredients which are non-GMO and of high quality. You’ll find protein and fiber from whole peas, apples and potatoes and a unique blend of buckwheat and corn flours to provide gluten-like pliability in BFree’s products. BFree products are not only high fiber and low fat, they’re also calorie-responsible.

BFree Brown Seeded Sandwich Loaf

BFree Foods makes traditional bread loaves along with wraps, bagels, and rolls. All of these products are allergen and wheat-free making them perfect for people with food allergies or even those like me who want to eat healthy. They are free from wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, and nuts and they are also vegan. The products range in price from $5-7.

You can find BFree Foods products all over California and at Meijer stores in the midwest. Check out the store locator on their website to find a retailer in your area. Be sure to connect with BFree Foods on their social channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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