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As a mother of two growing boys, I do a ton of laundry. It seems like I have to wash clothes everyday or it piles up and that drives me crazy. Another thing that drives me crazy is when I spend the time doing the laundry and it doesn’t come of the dryer smelling and looking nice. That’s why I have been using Downy Fabric Conditioner on my family’s clothing and linens for as long as I can remember.

I have tried several different brands of fabric conditioner (softener) and I always come back to Downy and let me tell you why…

Downy Fabric Conditioner protects your clothes and since clothing is expensive, that is something I really appreciate. When your clothes go through the dryer they get pulled and tugged which can make them lose their shape. Downy Fabric Conditioner helps your clothes keep their natural shape while also softenening the fabric. When I use Downy Fabric Conditioner I don’t have to worry about the material in my clothes and linens piling or getting fuzzy. Another thing I don’t worry about is the colors fading in my laundry which not only makes clothes look bad but it can also ruin the other clothes in the wash.

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While Downy Fabric Conditioner is one great way to keep your clothes looking their best, there are two things you can do to prolong the life of your clothes in addition to using Downy Fabric Conditioner.

  1. Turn your clothes inside out before washing.
  2. Wash your clothes on the gentle cycle.

Downy Fabric Conditioner also keeps your clothes smelling clean and fresh longer than using laundry detergent alone.

I love the way Downy Fabric Conditioner makes my clothes look and smell! I recently bought some new dresses online and when they got here they smelled kind of bad. I was so happy to have Downy on-hand to get the smell out of my new clothes and to soften them up! I get mine at Walmart and you can get it there too or if you prefer to shop online you can find it at

Have you tried Downy Fabric Conditioner? If not, you really should give it a try! I think you’ll love it and I know your family will appreciate great-smelling, soft and wrinkle-free clothes.



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  1. I love this Fabric Softener and have used it for years. It leaves such a wonderful smell on my clothes and my jeans are nice and soft and not stiff!

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