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We have five dogs (Hoss, Siku, Champ, Toby & Cassie Mae) and I can’t imagine how I would feel if one of them was sick or injured and needed emergency veterinary care. Pets become a part of your family and it hurts to see them hurting. It becomes even more difficult when you get the estimate from the vet and realize you can’t afford your pet’s treatment. That’s why it’s important to have pet health insurance such as Healthy Paws Pet Insurance.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is the #1 customer rated pet insurance and they promise to always be there for you and your pet when needed. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance pays up to 90% of vet bills if they are related to an accidental injury or unexpected illness. They don’t cover regular vet visits, routine shots, etc. but chances are you can cover those expenses without too much headache. Having pets is expensive, but worth it for the unconditional love they provide.


Hoss (left) & Toby (right)

Imagine if your dog developed an intestinal blockage and needed emergency surgery. The vet bill comes to just over $2,000 and you just don’t have it. Perhaps you could take out a line of credit or borrow from family or friends. But, if you were covered by Healthy Paws Pet Insurance the bill would be paid up to 90%. Think about the peace of mind you’ll have knowing your furry family is covered. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance will also help you pay for the many advanced healthcare techniques that are costly but sometimes essential for the health of your pets.

Learn about why pet insurance is worth it!

Pet health insurance is the largest growing elective employee health benefit. However, only 1% of pet owners currently have their pets covered.

You can get a free quote for pet health insurance from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance on their website. And if you sign up for pet health insurance with Healthy Paws, you can refer your friends to receive a $35 credit! You can also connect with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance on Facebook and on Twitter.

Pets = family, protect your family with pet health insurance from Healthy Paws Pet Insurance today!




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  1. My dog, Martin, is a rescue and is a mixed breed. He is 10 years old and he is slowing down just like me. We still walk 3 times a day even though I have a fenced in yard. He does perk up whenever my friend brings her puppy by to see us. Thanks for the giveaway. A light up leash would be great since it is close to the time that we lose daylight savings time and it gets dark in North Carolina around 5:30. Martin was diagnosed at the vet last week with cataracts on both eyes.

  2. We have 2 dogs – a great dane and a shih tzu. They love each other and we love them! They are very spoiled dogs. :) We don’t have pet insurance but it does sound interesting for sure.

  3. I have a pitbull rescue name Blazetta that we got when she was about 1. She has been a great addition to our home and we all love her so much and is one of the best dogs ever!!!

  4. Nala is a female German Shepard. She is a very beautiful dog with the biggest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. Nala is always waiting by the door when I come home to greet me. She loves being close to me and having me rub her ears. So many are afraid of her when we go walking or when they come to visit. Little do they know she is just a little baby inside and is actually very gentle. However, she would not hesitate to protect if necessary. I love her.

  5. We had 5 pets a year ago, but 3 have passed away in the past year. It’s been a difficult year. We now have 1 dog who just turned 3 years old, and we have 1 cat who is nearly 19 years old. Our 19 year old Smokey is the patriarch of pets. He helped raise the puppies and kittens we’ve had in the past 19 years. Sadly, he also experienced their loss. Our 3 years old pup, Barley, is a handful. He is a beautiful mutt we rescued. He loves people and is very active. I believe his young energy is what keeps our 19 year old Smokey alive. We are a family who loves animals and our pets are a part of our family.

  6. I have two small dogs. Pokie, a chihuahua mix and Pup Pup, a yorkie dachshund mix. They are adorable and so sweet! :)

  7. I have 2 senior rescue pug’s. I have Otter 9ish who was a stray and is my absolute love. Then I have Abby who is about 10 and was an owner surrender. She’s the sweetest thing and bring smiles to everyone she meets. I used to have another pug B.B. which passed away 4-4-16. She was intensely bonded with Otter and the alpha of the group. B.B. came from a home where she was tied out and lived a solitary life so she didn’t know about toys or how to play with dogs and otter taught her and brought her so much joy. She was also was bonded to ME the most so it was hard when she passed at 4years old suddenly. She developed a bleed in the brain after sudden onset seizures and finding she had a type of genetic encephalitis in the breed. We have been devastated and grieved together. Otter misses his girlfriend and has taken on a sort of role to protect sweet older Abby and be the leader out on neighborhood walks and outings.

  8. My little Casey boy is a sweet, 12-year-old poodle. He fell off our bed a year ago and he could not walk. We thought we were going to have to put him to sleep. However, he slowly started to walk after three weeks. He lives! He is a miracle dog, our pride and joy. Thank you!

  9. We just added Sterling our now 4 month old Shiba Inu into our family! He is so spunky, and full of personality. He has a big heart and loves every dog and human he meets. He tries to protect me from the deer and turkey that roam our back yard. He gets lots of attention when we go out, and is easily distracted, so sometimes we only go walking at night (or my 30 minute walk will turn into an hour and a half!). He’s the sweetest thing, and while he can give me the puppy frustrations, I would never give him up!

  10. I have two lab mixes, both from the shelter. They are high-energy (which means I end up getting more exercise, since I have to walk them so much) and they are each other’s best friends.

  11. We have 3 dogs. Our oldest is a 13 yr old American Eskimo Spitz named Caesar. I love him to death, but he has become so annoying in his old age. He’ll bark at anything and never wants to stop. Our other 2 dogs are Yorkie mixes, a 3 yr old Morkie (half Yorkie/half Maltese) and the other is either half Schnauzer or Poodle. We really don’t know. The Morkie’s name is MuShu (my daughter named him after the dragon in Mulan. He’s a sweet little dog who loves his toys, but I think Caesar was getting on his nerves a bit before we got our puppy. Despite Mushu’s small size, he’s become a bit of a toughy. He’s a little bundle of muscles. We got our puppy Max sometime in September. I didn’t want to get another dog, but I’m a sucker for puppies. I am so glad we got him. He is just the perfect little dog. Everyone is his friend. As grumpy and possessive of his toys as MuShu could be, Max could walk right up to him and take a toy right out of his mouth. They play constantly now, sometimes wrestling for a half hour at a time, but without any aggression. They are constant companions now and it has made MuShu a much sweeter dog. Max also is a best buddy to each of us humans in the house. He greets each of us by climbing up our body and noodling under our chins. He is gentle. His way of biting is to place his teeth on you and release. I love my dogs.

  12. My dog is still a puppy. Her names is Teals and she is a maltipoo. She is gold colored and is full of life.

  13. Our pets have passed away. I would like to win this for my grandpup. Her name is Snow (Snow White) and she is a 3 year old Pomeranian with a great personality.

  14. I have a dog named Yoda (because he looks like him. lol). He is a huge bab, but is definitely the sweetest dog ever. I adopted him from the pound and I’m so thankful for him. I’m an army wife and my husband is gone a lot. We don’t have children yet, so having Yoda around is awesome. He loves kids, people, and belly rubs. I’ve never seen a more well behaved or sweet dog in my life.

  15. I have a 14-year old Westie named Fang. He is a diabetic that takes insulin twice a day, but otherwise he is healthy and very happy.

  16. I have a little chihuahua named Lucy we rescued her from a home that just used her for puppies they could sell. Makes me sick when we got her she was 3yrs old underweight nails so long omg! I fell in love with her right away she went in my sweatshirt and it was over she was mine. We took her to the vet got her nails clipped her shots and got her fixed and she gained weight pretty fast she weighs a whole 7 lbs and is strong and healthy now. She is spoiled rotten but I don’t care I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and other immune problems and Lucy knows when I’m going to have a flair up it’s crazy when she starts licking one of my joints like crazy I tell my husband oh no I’m going to have a flare up and wouldn’t you know couple day’s later full blown flare up can’t walk move fingers etc. But she also stays right with me when I’m sick and in pain. I love her so much my husband say’s he should grow a tail so he can get attention like Lucy hehe :0) But he loves her just as much as I do he takes her running with him 2 times a week she loves it keeps right up with him for 4 or 5 miles and she comes home full of it! The vet say’s he can see Lucy is in great shape and well taken care of. Love my Lucy ;0)

  17. Well…I had 2 dogs with my husband, but we have divorced so I don’t see them as much as I used to. Since then, he has also bought a lab puppy! So when I go visit, I play with 3 dogs! We are really good friends, so I still see them quite often. Their names are Chloe (my baby – chihuahua), Brandy (big lab!), and the newest one Abby – the baby lab. They are all so crazy! They obviously have their own personalities and are so funny. Poor Brandy and Chloe are getting old. They are slowing down in their old age. I love them all!!!

  18. I have a mixed chihuahua named Biscuit and we got him from a friend. We all fell in love with him instantly! He is smart, playful, overprotective and obedient!

  19. I have a wonderful 4 year old miniature poodle, named Kira. We adopted her from an organization which rescues dogs from kill shelter just before they are to be put down.

  20. Our daughter has 3 pets. Georgie and Bianca are Pomeranians. Bianca is an older rescued Pomeranian. Our daughter also has a tortoiseshell cat named Lillian.

  21. We have a 11 yr. old Rat Terrier named “Sissy” we love to go on walks day and night, she loves to play and run around with my special needs daughter.

  22. We have a black lab who loves his walk. He is getting older and has arthritis but he would rather go on a walk more then anything.

  23. We have two amazing dogs that are the center of our lives! Jax is our 4 year old Shiba Inu and was my best buddy when my husband deployed shortly after our wedding. Ryder is our 3 year old rescue pit mix who is spends his days napping in a sunny spot on our couch and scheming of ways to get even more snuggle time.

  24. Our pup, Daisy is a rescue form the humane society.. we have had her ffor 3 years now. she is a sweet loveable baby and she loves her 3 human siblings.

  25. i am surrounded by animals. i have a rabbit and 2 cats and we plan to get a dog when we find the right one. we take in all the strays and help them find homes!

  26. I have a sweet Boxer-Pitt mix that we rescued. He is such a smart dog and has learned so much since we have had him, only four months. He has super high anxiety and so he whimpers a lot when he thinks we are leaving him home alone. Fortunately he has learned to love his kennel since he gets his special peanut butter kong while he is in there. That helps lots with his anxiety! He is the sweets boy ever and has completely stolen my heart!

  27. My dog is a mix breed rescue mutt, named Baby Girl. Seven years ago she was a small puppy, left on a work colleague’s front porch, beaten almost to death. My colleague took the dog to the local vet, who operated on and cared for her for free. My colleague agreed to take her home and foster her until she found a home for her. When we heard her story and met her, we just couldn’t say no. She has been a wonderful member of our family for seven years now. She still, understandably, has some anxiety around strange men (I’m assuming because of her abusive previous “owner”), but she is wonderful with my children, family, and friends.

  28. I have a German Shepherd name Kyla who is 4 years old and such an awesome dog. She keeps me great company.

  29. I adopted an adult dog named Waffles in 2013 from the local animal shelter. I am her 4th owner and her last. She’s stubborn but she’s a good girl.

  30. Mochi is a Chihuahua mutt. She is light brown/white. and she has a fiesty personality (to everyone but me). She is a sweetheart if you have food :) She loves to walk in the neighborhood or snuggle when its cold.

  31. My husband and I are the parents to two furbabies…Micky a 9yr old Dachshund and Gizmo a 5 yr old Yorkie. They are a part of the family…:)

  32. I have three cats. Two of them are elderly gentlemen and one is I guess considered middle aged! My sister has a wiener dog chihuahua mix and I’d like to win the leash for him.

  33. I have 2 shih tzus named Carly and Cosmo. Carly is calm and Cosmo is goofy. They are 6 and 7 years old. My kids enjoy walking them around the neighborhood.

  34. I’m heavily involved in rescue, so the number of furkids in my jouse varies from week to week. My three permanent canine residents are cooper, who is a pitbull, cookie, a miniature schnauzer and little rosie, a pomeranian, who at the age of 12-15 was thrown from the window of a moving vehicle.

  35. I have a 9 year old Shih Tzu named Baxter. His favorite thing is to curl up with his humans on the couch and watch Animal Planet on tv.

  36. My dog bruin is a big ole German shepherd. He’s still in puppy mode being only two years old so he needs lot of exercise and we go for walks daily!

  37. I have a spaniel mix named Kandy, a pom mix named Holly and a terrier mix named Ella. All were adopted and are wonderful dogs :)

  38. We have two rescue dogs. Sophie is a Manchester Terrier who is loyal and sweet. Emma is a lab who joined our family last year. Finally, Mittens is a young cat that we rescued during Hurriane Matthew as she had been abandoned outdoors. She is now best friends with our 10 year old daughter.

  39. I have a dog, Papa Bear, that we rescued last year. He was 5 when we got him and he had a bad case of kennel cough. He is such a good, cuddly and friendly dog. My cat, Sammi, was rescued 6 years ago when she was 1.5 years. She is sneaky and always wants to be with you. Love her!

  40. I have an 11-year-old pug, a 2-year-old Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix, and a 2-year-old Australian cattle dog – all rescues.

  41. I have three dogs, A Sheltie named Izzy, A big Pitt, Boxer mix named Lady and a 7 lb fireball Pomeranian named Dixon. They are our life.

  42. In late Jan of this year, we adopted a Chihuahua/Boston Terrier mix named Rosey from our local shelter. She’s 1 now, and we love her to pieces. For such a small dog, she leaps really high – like a cat almost.

  43. My third oldest so and daughter-in-law have a eight month old new border collie puppy named Mia. She has a lot of energy too and likes going to the park everyday.


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