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Living in a rural area has its perks but one downfall is that we have to travel to get to a good restaurant. That’s why I cook at home most of the time. I’m always on the look out for quality, wholesome meals that aren’t difficult or time consuming to get on the table. One of my family’s favorite cuisines (that my picky kids will eat) is Italian foods. I am so excited to have found the new Bertolli Frozen Meals that make it simple to live mangia or eat like an Italian.


When Francesco Bertolli opened his storefront in the Tuscan heart of Italy’s olive-growing region, he had no idea it would become a well-loved brand. In the late 1800’s Italian emigrants to America were unable to find the Italian foods they were so accustomed to, so they wrote to Mr. Bertolli asking him to ship his products to America. From small beginnings of selling olive oil, Bertolli is now known for its restaurant quality pasta sauces, spreads, pasta, and frozen meals.

There is nothing more beautiful than sharing great food, conversation and laughter.

Francesco Bertolli’s philosophy was, “there is nothing more beautiful than sharing great food, conversation and laughter,” and that continues to inspire the folks at Bertolli today. From the parmesan cheese they import directly from Italy to the 100% highest quality wheat pasta flour, Bertolli brings authentic Italian flavor to your dinner table. Bertolli Frozen Meals are flash frozen to preserve the dish’s complex flavors and textures, so your pasta will be perfectly al dente – just like they do it in Italy.

When creating the frozen meals, Bertolli’s authenticity expert cooks the recipes up in the test kitchen. This is done to make sure the meals are authentic, fresh, and great tasting. To create a new recipe, Bertolli chefs’ start with one of their signature, made from scratch sauces. They also use high quality ingredients such as 100% all natural chicken, Italian cheeses, garlic and herbs to create the meals you’ll be proud to serve at your dinner table.

There nearly a dozen meals in the new line of Bertolli Frozen Meals. Bertolli Italian Skillet Meals feature a simple ingredient list and a really cool transparent packaging so you can see what’s inside. Both meals will be available at grocery stores nationwide by the end of October. Bertolli Frozen Meals are delicious and it’s easy to rival the popular Italian restaurants while cooking at home.

We tried two of the Bertolli Frozen Meals for family dinner one night recently – the Chicken Marsala and Red Skin Potatoes and the Chicken Florentine and Farfalle. Everyone in my family had a different preference between the two meals. The kids were a bit skeptical at first but once they had a taste, they enjoyed it. My mother loved the Chicken Florentine while I preferred the Chicken Marsala. The flavor of both meals was excellent and comparable to a dish you would pay $$ for at a nice Italian restaurant. The best part? You can easily make the Bertolli Italian Skillet Meals at home. Saving you time, money and the headache of dining out. Thanks, Bertolli!


Bertolli is encouraging people to live mangia or eat like Italians do and in the spirit of that, take a look at this infographic to see how Italian eating habits compare with American eating habits. Then, you’ll know how to mangia with your family and friends with the help of Bertolli! Learn more at



We don’t sit at the dinner table nightly as a family but I do think it is important so we try to do so every other day at least. I like to set the table and family style dining is where it’s at. That way everyone can have what they want! We only have wine when we have house guests that enjoy it and rarely do we go more than a week without pasta.

How does your family compare to an Italian family represented in the infographic?


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  1. My family loves the Bertolli meals and they are very filling and an easy entree to have when I am busy. I need to get some more of these meals to have on hand during the Holidays!

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