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My family has been trying to eat healthier for the past few weeks and wow is it hard to find foods that are healthy AND that my boys will happily eat. I know you may not think of healthy when you think of waffles. However, Van’s Foods have a whole line of waffles including gluten-free, whole grain, lite, and organic varieties that you or your kids can dress up in way you want!

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As a busy mom, I know that when it’s a mad rush to get the kids to school in the mornings, you need a quick, yet healthy breakfast to feed your kids. In fact, in a recent survey of 1,000 moms conducted by Van’s Foods, this is what they found:

Moms may forfeit glam for fam, but serving wholesome breakfasts is one area they are not willing to compromise. Nearly 70 percent of moms said they feel better about themselves when they serve a hot breakfast, and they count protein, whole grains, kid-friendliness and being filling as the lead factors for making good choices for their families.

I know I feel better when I know my kids have had a healthy and filling breakfast before school and I bet you do to! The survey also found that nearly 40% of moms admit to driving the kids to school in their pajamas! I am guilty of that and I take my kids to meet the bus at the end of our lane. For me, it’s better than missing the bus and having to drive an hour at 7 am!
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Van’s Foods has partnered with registered dietitian Joy Bauer, who is sharing some recipes and breakfast tips for those crazy mornings when the kids are in school. Joy is a mom of three and she has created three 5-minute waffle recipes that even picky eaters would enjoy. The recipes include: Egg-in-a-Basket, Apple-Cinnamon Waffle Kabobs, and Waffle Happy Faces.

You can also find a bunch of delicious recipes when you visit Van’s Foods recipes.

Joy is also sharing some of her “Morning Hacks”

Joy’s Morning Hacks

  1. Keep a stable of go-to items in your pantry and refrigerator to provide nutritious, quick options. Low-fat Greek yogurt, eggs, nut butters, berries, bananas and grapes are all great on top of Van’s 8 Whole Grains waffles—super easy, kid-friendly and filling.
  2. Think ahead. If you plan breakfast the night before, you’ll eliminate 50 percent of the stress during the morning rush. No one expects moms to whip up from-scratch waffles or pancakes on a chaotic weekday—keep it simple, decide what you’re serving the night before, and you can spend less than five minutes on a filling, wholesome, delicious breakfast in the a.m.
  3. Presentation is important. Anything that says “fun” is appealing for younger kids. If you take a Vans whole grain waffle and use good-for-you ingredients to create a happy face on top, you’ll have happy eaters. Kids can help with assembly—let them choose their toppings or match their waffle face to their mood. You can use blueberries for eyes and raspberries, cherries or a kiwi slice for a mouth. You’ll be smiling, too, as you watch how quickly they gobble it up!
  4. Make your morning meal a triple threat. Since parents tend to have full control over what their kids eat for breakfast, it’s important to make it count. The winning combination includes ample fiber and protein, while minimizing sugar. That helps stabilize blood sugar and provides fuel and sustenance to make it through the morning routine.
  5. Plan “me” time.  Be strategic and sneak some breaks while parenting— whether that means a walk with a sleeping child in a stroller or timing kids’ screen time to coincide with your workout. Every mom knows that a little “me” time makes you a better parent!

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  1. Love Van’s waffles! I would love to try the chocolate chip variety. I haven’t it seen it at my local grocery store yet.

  2. Love the Vans waffles! My boyfriend ate them up so fast. They are super healthy and a great alternative for other unhealthy breakfast foods.

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