Our New Barn

My father-in-law moved from central Indiana to near us, in central Kentucky. He is now in a nursing home due to his Parkinson’s and so we have to have somewhere to store his belongings. My husband had a barn built to store everything including several cars. We hired a Mennonite-owned company that builds barns and they did an amazing job. The company is owned by the eldest brother of the three that do the construction. Here are some pictures my husband took of the barn being built…

start of barn build

They had the whole building framed in one day!

on ladder working on barn

It took just one more day to put the roof and siding on.

pouring concrete in barn

concrete pouring in barn

It took two days to get the concert poured and ready to start curing.

working on concrete in barn

It took about two weeks for everything to come together and we now have a nice barn to store my father-in-law’s things in while he is in the nursing home.

This is the finished barn. I can’t wait to do some landscaping around it!

finished barn

Have you ever thought about having a barn built?

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