Protect Your Lips this Winter with ChapStick!

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During the winter months the number one thing I battle is dry, chapped lips. Thankfully I always carry ChapStick around in my purse to protect my lips from the harsh winter weather. It’s so convenient to carry the little tube of goodness around and I know I can count on ChapStick to keep my lips soft and moisturized.

Did you know that ChapStick has a variety of different collections of lip products to help keep your lips hydrated? Well, they do! I received a box of ChapStick products so I have had the opportunity to try them all recently. Let me tell you a bit about the different collections…

The ChapStick Classic range is the original formula that you know and love. It comes in four different varieties: Classic Original, Classic Cherry, Classic Strawberry and Classic Spearmint. This formula softens your lips and keeps them silky smooth everyday. I love the Classic Strawberry!

Chapstick Classic

The ChapStick Tropical Paradise Collection is a fun way to keep your lips smooth and hydrated all year long. This collection comes in Mango Sunrise, Aloha Coconut and they also have a limited edition Watermelon Splash variety. I love mangos so naturally I really enjoy using the Mango Sunrise ChapStick.

Chapstick Tropical Collection

ChapStick Medicated is by far my favorite way to protect my lips from the harsh weather. Featuring camphor, phenol to relieve pain and menthol to keep your lips feeling cool, it helps relieve the burn when I let my lips get too dry or I’ve been out in the winter cold.

If you’re planning on being out in the sun, ChapStick Sun Defense is the product you should reach for. It has SPF 25 protection, aloe and Vitamin E which help protect your lips from the damaging sun. It also seals in moisture to keep your lips soft and supple.

Chapstick Medicated and Sun Defense

ChapStick Moisturizer is also available in four varieties and they all have seven moisturizers in them to keep your lips soft and silky smooth. Whether you choose the Green Apple, Raspberry Creme, Vanilla Mint or the Original, you can’t go wrong with ChapStick Moisturizer for the sensitive skin on your lips.

Chapstick Moisturizer

ChapStick also has several other lip protection products that you can find at most any retailer. You can learn more about what ChapStick has to offer by visiting their website at


You can win a variety of ChapStick products to protect your lips this winter right here on my blog! Enter using the form below. Good luck!

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  1. Oh I have to say…I LOVE the Classic Cherry! I have not really looked at others, as I love that one so much. These others…sound so good! I have to look for them! I would love to try the Aloha Coconut!!!

  2. I usually have chapsticks in my purse, pockets, nightstand, everywhere! I’d really like to try the total hydration.

  3. Um. They all sound absolutely wonderful! I’d have a hard time just using one at a time. LOL. The mint vanilla sounds yummy, though, so I’d probably go with that one being the first one that I tried.

  4. I love the moisturizer ChapStick but would love to try all of the others. ChapStick brand chapsticks are the best and the only ones that work for me.

  5. I love the coconut aloha! Especially in the winter it gives me a summer feel. Can’t wait to try the watermelon splash!!

  6. I’ve always loved the classic Strawberry Chapstick but the Aloha Coconut sounds delightful, too! I’ll definitely need to pick one of those up!

  7. aloha coconut, please, and thank you. (as i sit here using my one tube of chapstick: blue raspberry, and it’s getting down to pan)

  8. I just purchased the 8 hour moisturazation Chapstick to try it. And I lost it which I never do with my lip balm. So I would like to know how I would have liked it.

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