I’m Resolving to Prevent Toy Clutter in 2016


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It’s still early in 2016 and this year one of my resolutions is to prevent toy clutter in my son’s bedrooms. Each year at Christmastime they both receive new toys and games which I have to make room for. The problem is, my boys have small closets and small bedrooms which makes it difficult to fit all of these new toys.

Pley toy rental service

This year I’ve come up with a way to prevent toy clutter in their rooms and it’s really simple…

For every new toy or game that comes in, one old toy or game has to be donated.

Not only does this help prevent the clutter, it also makes it possible for kids who are less fortunate than mine to have “new” toys. It also allows my boys to choose their favorite toys to keep which is usually the toys that they spend the most time playing with anyway.

I’ve decided to have my boys weed through their toys each season. This accomplished two things – it helps them keep their closet and room clean and tidy, and it reintroduces them to older toys that they may have forgotten about. It’s a win-win!

There is another way to manage the amount of toys your children accumulate each year and that is by utilizing a toy rental service such as Pley. Last year I told you a bit about Pley and gave you 5 reasons to rent toys instead of buying them. Today I’d like to tell you a bit more about Pley’s toy rental service.

Pley toy rental

Pley carries more than 500 different toys including Lego sets, robotic toys, educational toys, doll clothes, preschool toys, and more! They offer two plans; an unlimited toy rental plan (one toy at a time but as many a month as you want) or a once a month toy rental plan. The once a month plan is $9.99 a month while the unlimited plan starts at $19.99 a month. Average Pley members save around $800 a year because they’re not constantly buying the latest toys when they can rent them. Having a Pley membership helps you reduce clutter in your home and keeps unloved toys from sitting on shelves. The savings in plastic alone from reduced purchases amounts to at least 240 lbs fewer Co2 emissions per year per Pley member. Kids have access to a variety of toys and learn the important concept of sharing and caring for the environment. It’s another win-win!

If you’re like me and get tired of the clutter of toys sitting unused in closets and on shelves, I’d like to recommend you give the Pley toy rental service a try. No matter which plan you choose, you can’t go wrong. Pley also offers gift cards and you can even gift a subscription to the special kids in your life. Visit Pley.com to learn more about the service today!


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  1. It’s difficult because we get into habits. I am trying to remove clutter by throwing things out that aren’t used on a routine basis. I do not have ample storage areas. Learn to let go.

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