Rosewill Oil Less Low Fat Air Fryer Review

This is a post written by my contributor, Melissa. She received this product for review and the opinions are her own. There are affiliate links in this post.

I have three teenage sons and like most teenagers they love to eat. They also love deep fried foods but I try to be health conscious so I don’t deep fry foods very often. I was excited to receive the Rosewill Oil Less Low Fat Air Fryer  because I knew it would allow my boys to enjoy some of their favorite foods in a healthier way.

The Rosewill Oil Less Low Fat Air Fryer is a quality product.  It fries by circulating hot air 360 degrees around the food.  This method traps in the moisture leaving food crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.  I sampled several different foods, all with success.  Cheese sticks, french fries, crab Rangoon, pork loin, and chicken tenders to name a few.  The chicken tenders below were made in the Rosewill Oil Less Low Fat Air Fryer and they turned out perfect.

air fried chicken tenders

First, I tried just layering the cheese sticks on the bottom of the basket.  Each batch I increased the amount of cheese sticks, until the basket was full. Every batch came out crispy and delicious.  I had the same experience with the other foods.  You would swear it was take out from your favorite restaurant.  Operating the oven is simple.  You can preheat and fry with the touch of a button.  Set the temperature and timer (up to 60 minutes) and it’s ready to fry. When the basket is removed, it instantly shuts off for safety.  As soon as the basket is replaced it resumes frying.  Clean up is easy.  The basket easily detaches from the base.  The interior is non-stick and wipes right out.  The basket and frying tray are both dishwasher safe.

Rosewill Oil Less Low Fat Air Fryer

The Rosewill Oil Less Low Fat Air Fryer is an essential kitchen accessory.  It gives the delicious taste and texture of fried food without the extra fat and oil from traditional fryers. Air Frying with the Rosewill is a great way to incorporate the flavor of fried foods that you love without the added fat from using oil.  I recommend the Rosewill Oil Less Low Fat Fryer to anyone who wants to enjoy fried food without the guilt.

You can find the Rosewill Oil Less Low Fat Air Fryer is available on Amazon and is on sale (as of 11/30/15) for $89.99 which is a great price. This wonderful must-have kitchen appliance would be a great holiday gift!

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