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We got more than a foot of snow over this past weekend and my kids haven’t been to school since Friday the 13th. We’ve had some fun being snowed in this week but I am hoping that the weather coming in tonight doesn’t bring more snow, or even worse, ice. I’d like my kids to return to school on Monday so they’re not going into the summer with all of the make-up days.

Because it’s Friday and I’m feeling generous, I thought I would host a fun snow day giveaway! There are several ways to enter and you can enter daily so your chances of winning are good. I’m giving away $20 in PayPal cash OR $20 to Amazon. Your choice!

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I am sponsoring this giveaway for my readers. :) Good luck!

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  1. Here in coastal South Carolina kids get the day off school (or at least a delayed start) if the temperatures go down to around 20 degrees…and if there is even a hint that there may be snow or ice sometime during the day. Last year we had two ice storms and everything shut down. Then when it came time to make up the school days the parents whined and moaned and they let it slide. No way the little darlin’s could make up all that time. So my question is what is the point of making rules about how many days the kids have to have in school and about making up the days if as soon as it doesn’t suit someone’s schedule they change the rule! Of course, when I was a kid I went to a Catholic school in the midwest. We got one day off for snow. All the kids went outside to play in the snow. The pastor said “If you can play in it, you can go to school in it”. Never got another snow day again so we didn’t have to worry about making days up.

    • Thanks for commenting! Here in Kentucky the kids have to be in school for a certain number of days each school year. So if they miss too many days they have to make them up. So far my kids have had 5 snow days this school year so they’ll likely have to make those up. :)

      • Well, here in South Carolina, they are supposed to make them up to….it’s just that the parents whine and then they “make an exception” to the rule. Come on, this is South Carolina. They don’t get that many weather related days off so why is it that they need to have an exception? They have what? 2 or 3 days to make up? In a bad year. They could make that up on spring break…come to think of it, never had that when I was a kid either! And if making up 2 or 3 days requires an exception so they don’t have to make them up, then why do we even have the rule?

  2. Snow days…. LOL I cannot believe the snow the Eastern States are getting!!! I am jealous, actually. I’m in MN and we LOVE that sort of snow! Why didn’t we get it? The outdoor stuff doesn’t stop here in winter, all the men pray for snow, they snowmobile endlessly then.

  3. Here in Philadelphia the kids have to be in school 180. So far we have only lost 2 school days. It is snowing today (Saturday), but not enough for a day off Monday and I will be very happy without another one!

  4. It’s cold here but luckily no snow like there is in other parts of the Country. I’m in Omaha, NE and the cold is enough for me.

  5. i enjoyed my snow days with my boys . we shlved the front of the house played in the yard for a little while didnt want to get frostbite. Afterwards went upstairs had some hot cocoa with whipped cream, baked some sugar cookies with them what a mess. Ordered out . The rest of the days watched movies and played board games. Thanks for all your time writing post on interesting topics or products.

  6. Last year the kids here had to make up 3 weeks of missed day, they added to end of school, no Spring Break and went on Saturdays. After 3 more days off last week, we may be on our way to repeat this year.

    • Goodness! That’s a lot of make up days! I feel bad when they take away things like Spring Break. Everyone needs a break from time to time, including kids! Thanks for commenting.

  7. You should live up here near Columbia where we get 2 hour delays because it’s so cold…but they pick up most children at the homes…..LOL

    • Oh we have 2 hour delays sometimes too. I’d much rather the kids have a delay than miss an entire day that they have to make up! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Lots of snow and cold here in manitoba right now. I am new to your blog and I look forward to reading your posts.

  9. We’ve had a lot of snow in Oklahoma as well. They actually sent us home from work early on Friday and we got snow all day Saturday. I suspect tomorrow is back to work as usual

  10. Here, it’s been colder in February than in January, which is unusual. I hate to drive in the ice and snow, so I’ve had several “snow days” this month. Long live Spring!

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