Ideas for a Technology-Free Spring Break at Home

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With my boys being 12 and 14, it has become easier to keep them happy on school holidays and more difficult at the same time. It’s easier because they are happy to entertain themselves for the most part, but more difficult because they want to be immersed in technology 90% of the time – which isn’t ideal. I would prefer my kids to do something other than play video games constantly. So, I’ve decided that this spring break (which is next week), we’re going to do some fun technology-free things here at home.

Ideas for a Technology-Free Spring Break at Home

  • Cooking and baking – My boys need to learn their way around the kitchen better so I’m getting them more involved in meal preparation. My 14-year-old already told me that he doesn’t want microwaveable food during spring break, so now is the perfect opportunity to teach him.
  • Yard Games – Croquet was one of my favorite outdoor games to play as a child and I think my boys would enjoy it as well.
  • Science Experiments – This is my favorite activity that we’ll be doing next week. I love science and my boys both do too!
  • Popcorn & a Movie – Everyone needs some downtime! We’ll watch a couple of good movies and eat lots of buttery popcorn. Any movie suggestions?
  • Board Games & Building Toys – We love to play Monopoly and Uno! My youngest son also likes building with his Legos. We won’t be purchasing any new toys but I know some of you will. Here is an alternative…

Pley toy rental

An alternative to purchasing new toys for Spring Break is to join Pley, an environmentally conscious and affordable toy rental company. This is my third post about Pley and you can read all about Pley here. Pley offers more than 500 toys for a variety of ages and both girls and boys. They have monthly plans starting at just $9.99 which is definitely easy on the pocketbook.

The toy selection that Pley offers is outstanding! My 14-year-old would love the Star Wars Deathstar from Lego. With more than 3000 pieces it would be some serious entertainment.

deathstar Pley

Pley even has exclusive toys that your children will love! My 12-year-old really likes the Lego minifigures and this exclusive set from Pley would be so much fun for him!

Pley exclusive Lego minifigures

Pley has some super cute things for little girls. I think this Frozen Boombox would be a lot of fun!

Frozen Sing a Long Boombox Pley

Pley has so many of the hottest and most wished for toy brands for you to rent. Take a look.

Pley brands and themes

Be sure to visit today and take a look around. You can save so much time and money by renting your children’s toys!



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  1. We are on spring break right now AND we are having drywall work done in our house so the kids are on electronics WAY too much just to keep them out of my hair lol

  2. We went out of town for Spring Break, but I’m saving these ideas for summer vacation! I can’t believe it’s only a few weeks away- this year went so fast!

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