Toy Organization Tips with Help from Pley

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One of my biggest struggles is with organization. In certain areas of my life I do a great job about it, but in others – notsomuch. One of these areas is my boy’s closet and toys. Today I’d like to share how a Pley subscription can help you manage your child’s toys.

Pley toy rental

Have you ever bought a toy for your child and regretted it within hours? Or maybe a few days?

I know I have! It goes something like this…

Son: Mom, I want a new toy. (tells me all about it)

Me: How much is it?

Son: It’s $xx and I reeeaaallly want it.

Me: Giving in and paying for the toy so he can download it.

Son: (2 hours after the purchase) I hate this toy! I wish I would have gotten something different. 

Me: Regretting spending the money on said toy, knowing it will clutter up his closet and never be touched again. 

I can’t count the number of toys in their closets that never get touched. Don’t get me wrong, my kids don’t get a new toy every week or even month. But over the years, the toys have piled up and now I need to purge and figure out a way to manage the clutter.

That’s where a toy rental company called Pley can really make a difference. They have around 500 different toys that your child can rent and play with for. Then when they get bored with the toy, they can send it back and get something different. There are many different cool Lego sets to choose from along with robotic and educational toys – which would be perfect for my 11-year-old.

You can learn all about Pley in a previous post.

Now onto tackling that clutter! Here are a few of my toy organization tips that can help you manage your children’s toys and minimize the clutter.

  1. Go through their toys at least quarterly. When the seasons change, that signals to me that it’s time to go through my son’s closets and purge what doesn’t get used. I do this with both toys and clothes.
  2. Donate the things that they don’t play with or can’t wear. There are many different organizations you can donate to and it’s usually tax deductible. It’s a win-win!
  3. Sell the rest. Consignment shops are great places for gently used clothes. There are also sites online that work great too.
  4. Give it to a family member or friend that has a child that would enjoy the item. Nothing wrong with being generous! :)

Now you’re ready to organize your child’s closet!

If you rented your child’s toys from, you wouldn’t have nearly the clutter. Just think how nice it would be for your child’s toys to be all neatly arranged in their closet! Not only that, but it saves you time, money, and from being asked for a new toy so often. If your child falls in love with a toy from Pley, there are options to purchase that toy.




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