Send a Vanilla Prepaid Card in their College Care Package

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This time of year is so hard for college students who have finals to take just before Christmas. Many of them went home for Thanksgiving break and then they’re headed back to campus for a few weeks until winter break. But between Thanksgiving and Christmas they’ll have a slew of exams to take when all most of them want to do is go back home and spend time relaxing, away from campus.

You can make this challenging time more comfortable for your favorite college student by mailing them a care package full of some of their favorite goodies. One thing all college students need and appreciate is money. That’s why the OneVanilla prepaid card is the perfect thing to include in a college care package. It’s safer to use than money and it also makes it easier for your college student not to overspend. That saves them (or you) from paying expensive overdraft fees. It’s also a great way to help avoid the mountains of debt that many college students rack up.

OneVanilla prepaid card

You can load the OneVanilla prepaid card with any amount of money from $20 to $500. It will be immediately available to use and there is no credit check or personal information required. These prepaid Visa cards from OneVanilla are available in stores nationwide. Stores include: Walgreens, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and CVS Pharmacy – to name a few.

There are actually three different types of prepaid cards available from the great folks at Vanilla. The Vanilla gift card is available in denominations of up to $500. It is another safe alternative to cash. The MyVanilla card is a personalized debit card that is reloadable – unlike the other two types of cards. Similar to a bank card, this debit card can be used at ATM’s, and you can also have direct deposits go onto the card. It is a great alternative to a bank account for a college student.

See the chart below for a comparison of the three types of cards.

Card comparison

When I was in college I loved receiving thoughtful care packages from family back home. Although I appreciated everything included in my care package, money was always the most helpful thing to receive because I could get whatever I needed that wasn’t in the care package.

If you’re planning on sending a care package to a college student this winter, I encourage you to check out the card options I’ve talked about in this article. They will make it so much easier for your gift recipient to manage the money and it’s safer than cash too.

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